Saturday, July 10, 2010


I did my first solo performance tonight, and feel like it was well received. Although, I realized I have certain hang-ups when it comes to performing. For one, I'm my own worst critic. When I heard the applause, I felt like it was because the audience felt sorry for me. I shouldn't feel that way, I got a positive response from several people who really liked what I do. I know that some people got tired of me asking, "Tell me the truth, how was it?".
Something else I need to work on is engaging the crowd. I didn't look up the whole time I was up there. Granted, I'm not used to crowds. Gainesville has got a great scene. I got offers to perform in St. Pete and Atlanta. I can take this on the road.
It was nice to meet new people, and people I only knew through the interwebs.
All in all, a successful night. Things ran smoothly, some killer performances, and a surprise pirate birthday party...

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